Hurricane Irene
Social Media Dashboard (August 25-29, 2011)

Curated by Mo Krochmal

See "live events" tab on left side of Social Media News NY ( to follow real-time curated Twitter list and to participate in live conversation.

Click here to see check-in hot spots for New York, via Gowalla.

This dashboard is designed to put a set of resources into one place to monitor social stream. The assumption is that electricity will be available. It may not be. Charge your devices, during a storm event, use only as necessary and close all applications that may use background power. Have an emergency backup battery for mobile phone. Also, old flip-style phones can be used for 911 calls or to text IMOK or RUOK.

Hurricane Irene Hashtags: #irene #NYIrene #IreneNY

ConEd Electrical Outage Map

Map below via  Realtime information layers.

 Above is dynamic feed of layers of information. Below are geo-located links for emergency services by area.

View SMEM Hurricane Irene Map in a larger map

 Click below to access Twitter stream since Aug. 25, 2011 until Aug. 29, 2011 (or, as needed) and to engage in conversation.

On Twitter: Social Media Emergency Management #SMEM

Map: New York Hurricane Evacuation Zones

IPhone Apps:
--American Red Cross Shelter View (Maps of Shelters Across the Country)
--Close Call (Puts Emergency Contact Info on Your Iphone Wall Paper)
--Emergency Radio Free Emergency Radio database
--iSOS – GPS emergency locator Gives your location via GPS.
(There are many, such as first aid apps, first aid for pets and other GPS locator services. Take a minute to download some apps for your iPhone or Android smartphones. Teach your children and relatives how to use IMOK RUOK on text messaging services)

Registry Service
American Red Cross Safe and Well Service

Find Breaking News Video on YouTube
Spilling Secrets: How to effectively search for breaking news video on YouTube, via Quotse

Notify NYC (Emergency Notification)

New York City Mayors Office

Mayor Mike Bloomberg

Gov. Andrew Cuomo

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