Mo Krochmal, 
      (M.S. Journalism, Columbia University; B.A. Sociology, North Carolina State University). 


Krochmal is a journalism and marketing consulting, specializing in social media, real-time and video, working from New York City.

As a career journalist, Krochmal has covered sports, healthcare, science, information technology and media. He has served as an awards judge for Social TV as well as Social TV sports and Social TV Latin/Hispanic market. He is serving as vice president of the board of directors for the National Association of Hispanic Journalists New York City chapter.

Krochmal was the first digital journalism professor at Hofstra University, starting as a consultant and joining the faculty in 2007 until September 2010. He created an innovative curriculum to effectively bridge the skills and ethics of traditional journalism with the new tools of the emerging digital world. He designed and implemented a 100-student newsroom organization that allowed new students to get acquainted with the day-to-day work of a newsroom via an innovative assignment-desk application created from open-source tools. He also conceived and integrated a real-time news publication, Nassau News Live (archive), and joined with journalism graduate student Tim Robertson to create efficient work flows and support for the student-run publication.

Krochmal has consistently identified and integrated web tools into his classes that have now become commonly accepted and useful tools of digital journalism.

He has engaged in innovative collaborations with other journalism professors at Hofstra and across the country and the world.

Krochmal started his journalism career as a junior in high school, with a summer assignment of writing travel articles on the US Virgin Islands for the Raleigh Times. 

He started his professional journalism career as a sports reporter and sports editor for community newspapers in eastern North Carolina. He has reported on literally hundreds of high school sporting events, ranging from football, basketball, baseball, softball, track and tennis as well as covering college and professional sports, Nascar and dirt-track automobile racing, professional bass fishing and the outdoors. He has earned North Carolina Press Association writing awards as well as earned recognition from the Associated Press and served as a voter on the AP college basketball poll.

After a mid-career break to earn his master's degree in journalism at Columbia, where he was one of the first master's students to concentrate new media in 1995, Krochmal joined The New York Times as an original employee of, prior to the website going live in 1995. Since then, Krochmal has worked as an online multimedia journalist, using his laptop or handheld computer, and digital still and video cameras and the Internet as his tools. His reporting has focused on the business of cutting-edge innovation in information technology and in biotechnology.

Krochmal has reported for The New York Times Online, United Press International, The Associated Press, CMP Media,, Teledotcom magazine,, NetGuide, AlleyCat News, GenomeWeb, Genome Technology, BioArray News and He also has reported on radio stations across the US. 

He is the founder of the online publications New Biology Economy and BioCommerce Week.

He has previously served as adjunct professor at the Graduate School of Journalism, at Columbia University.

He was was a member of National Science Foundation's select working group mapping a plan for the future of research in electronic commerce and has been an invited speaker to the microarray industry's leading conference, Chips to Hits, and for New York's iBreakfast group.

He has earned fellowships in: Electronic Commerce, Owen Graduate School of Management, Vanderbilt University; and the Catherine Hughes Fellowship for the Maynard Institute program in Cross-Media Journalism, University of California at Berkeley. 



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